Oneiro Circa 2014 - 2016


Located in the heart of the Marais area in Paris, a few minutes on foot from the Picasso Museum, the contemporary art gallery, Oneiro, opened its doors in October 2014. The gallery supported international emerging artists, but also established ones, and promotes the different forms of artistic expressions: painting, drawing, photography, sculpture-installation and video. This was their website.
The new owner of the site's domain has chosen to keep an edited version of the original content in case some person should inadvertently ended up here while looking for information about the gallery. It is possible the gallery has closed since the last posts on their Facebook page is from 2016.

Content is from the site's  2014 -2016 archived pages.

Galerie Oneiro
9 Rue du Perche
Paris 75003
+33 (0) 1 42 74 09 92


Exhibition: The World of Obsessions


Where are we?

7b/9 rue du Perche 75003 - Paris - France.

line 8: Filles du Calvaire / Saint-Sebastien Froissart
line 3: Arts et Métiers

Open hours
Thuesday - Saturday from 10:30 to 19:00 and by appointmen



In painting, Galerie Oneiro is trying to exhibit new views of the contemporary painting's creation and its different languages. The gallery allows to discover artists dealing with particular technical methods: dyeing and burning of the radiological plates (Marie-Pierre Guiennot), painting on silk (Si Jae Byun). In sculpture, the gallery presents artworks which have a singular concept like the sculptures of the Korean artist Sun-Hyuk Kim which express the fragility, the organic side and ephemeral nature of human being.


Exhibition: Marie Pierre Guiennot


"I visited this gallery in early 2015 when in Paris for a developer's conference. My team worked on applications used to customize Salesforce to the specific needs of the users. Salesforce is an awesome tool used by a huge number of businesses, and the work is challenging and with deadlines often grueling, so it was a welcome relief to take time off to visit some galleries in the heart of Paris. My observation was that the artwork was a collection of unusual and provocative items that prompted me to revisit a day later with some fellow coders who I wrangled into coming along. The gallery is small so not overwhelming like some of the others in NYC or London. I strongly recommend this gallery - the curation is innovative and unconventional. There was something of interest for everyone. Sorry to see it's no longer in operation."


Mona Ardeleanu

Born in 1984 in Lörrach (Germany), lives and works in Stuttgart (Germany). The strange creatures of her paintings are the fluid fabrics that make a reference to the pieces of clothing and organic elements like hair. The painted forms ('bodies') float in space and confronting us with the question of their origin.

Sijae Byun

Born in 1983 in Seoul (South Korea), lives and works in Singapore. Sijae Byun is a multidisciplinary Korean artist. She began her artistic career by creating installations. Currently, her work is devoted to painting on silk. Sijae is inspired by the construction sites, nature and human being.


Alex Folla

Born in 1980 in Oggiono (Italy), lives and works in Milan (Italy). The painting of Alex Folla is intimate. It is not looking for historical consistency, but most of all does not have moralistic pretensions. His painting is the apology of sublime banality of everyday life.


Marie-Pierre Guiennot

Born in 1972 in Bourgogne (France), lives and works in Valencia (Spain). In order to create, Marie-Pierre Guiennot draws inspiration from the human being. Through various artistic interventions such as installations, drawings or paintings, she questions our relation to the body using a singular medium: the radiological plates.


Sun-Hyuk Kim

Born in 1984 in Gyeonggi-do (South Korea), lives and works in Gyeonggi-do. His main inspiration is a reflection on human being and its relation to the nature. His works in various mediums such as sculptures, installations, paintings and videos, tend to reveal the fragility and imperfections of modern man obsessed with greed and power.


Lubomír Typlt

Born in 1975 in Nová Paka (Czech Republic), lives and works in Berlin (Germany) and Prague (Czech Republic). His paintings and expressive figurative gouaches show a human being in all its brutality. Sophisticated, its often at the limits of the absurd.


Emma Vidal

Born in Marseille (France) in 1992, lives and works in London (Great Britain). Her charcoal drawings represent an apocalyptic world with children who are mixed in different positions. The art of Emma Vidal 'balances both the will to survive in such circumstances and the vulnerability of the human body'.


Vladimir Anselm

Born in Perm (Russia) in 1962, lives and works in Berlin (Germany). Coal sculptures of Vladimir Anselm are symbols of humanity. They talk about existential questions and often based on religious texts and history of art. Vladimir uses coal because it reminds us the history of the earth and the company hierarchy.



Gyula Sági

Born in 1987 in Várpalota (Hungary), lives and works in Berlin (Germany). Gyula is a Hungarian abstract painter belonging to a new artistic movement «Serialists». His works are composed of signs that reveal the different repetitive structures of all living organisms, and of nature such as branches of trees, bee hives that he studied for a long time, and the structure of DNA.



Annya Sand

Born in 1983 in Almaty (the Republic of Kazakhstan), lives and works in London (Great Britain). Her works have been exhibited in leading international institutions and museums. Specialising in oil painting, her artworks are predominantly abstract in style and characterized by plain colours with earthy tones topped by touches of bright colours, creating a feeling of perfect harmony.



Conrad Willems

Born in 1983 in Ghent (Belgium), lives and works in Ghent. The visual language of Conrad Willems is unique and highly recognisable. He resorts to geometry, repetition and modularity in order to create his drawings, sculptures and performances. His drawings show the repetition of figures, varying in shapes and sizes. They are made with freehand without any sketches.


Claude Venard

French post-cubist painter born on March 21, 1913 in Paris, died in 1999. Claude Venard’s career was a happy one, punctuated by one man shows in Paris, London, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Dusseldorf, Munich, Buenos Aires, Tokyo, Canada, Belgium and Holland etc. The artist loved life in all its aspects and one is inclined to feel that he may have been in search of a genre of painting that would respond to even the most earthy appetites.


Exhibition: Return to Our Roots

Exhibition: My Surface is Your Canvas